Immersive Environments

Retail Design Expo - Sweet Shop

Remember what it felt like to be a kid in a sweet shop? To launch TRO Retail we blended the nostalgia of a childhood sweet shop. From pear drops to augmented reality, and lollipops to facial recognition, we created an engaging experience that captured the delights of retail past, and showcased its exciting future.

Oakley Airwave

Telstra teamed up with TRO to establish an interactive display in the Sydney Discovery Store, installing giant Oakley Airwave 1.5 Goggles positioned in front of downhill skiing footage. The Airwave technology features a heads-up display that integrates GPS, Bluetooth® and more, enabling customers to experience the thrill of skiing with sound effects and cold air blowing from fans.

Fabric of Society

Telstra tasked TRO to express the integral nature of their brand in customers’ lives. We developed the concept “We’re all woven into the fabric of society” and created an interactive animation showcased via a shop window display to reflect this powerful message.

Virtual Ring Try On

Trying on jewellery and accessories can be quite time consuming and occasionally intimidating. In conjunction with Diamond Exchange, TRO developed a mixed reality experience which enabled consumers to 'virtually' try on different ring styles before the real version was brought out of the case. The seamless interface removed barriers to engagement with these exclusive products and increased exposure to a wider product range. Blending gesture and augmented reality technology, the VR Jeweller is both theatrical and practical, halving the time spent looking at styles.

Christmas Window 2016

At one of the busiest times of the year in store, Telstra were keen to provide customers with a fun and engaging in store experience. Using Kinect technology,TRO were able to put Telstra customers in the centre of their own digital snow globe, displayed on large internal ribbon screens. Once detected, the user triggered festive animations and were able to control the movement of the snow using motion gesture. The experience was captured on camera which was able to be shared as a personalised digital Christmas card.