Engagement Tools

VANS Experience App

VANS Europe tasked TRO with educating customers across a number of European territories as well as increase awareness around the four seasons brand on features of the new All Weather MTE range. The purpose being, to ensure the customer understands why the range is more expensive than traditional VANS products - the materials used, the construction etc. TRO developed an augmented reality app that customers can use on their own phones, or an in store tablet. The app also showcased the shoe and jacket range and included some fun features such as hidden discount markers, an AR selfie photo mode and an All Weather MTE photography gallery. Trigger images activate product features, animations and a competition mechanic; ensuring education, entertainment and a reward.

Google Play Mixed Reality App

TRO delivered a national training roadshow for Google Germany to train on Android Marshmallow and the Google Play Store. To supplement the training playbook, a mixed reality app was created by TRO to showcase the features and benefits of the Play Store and engage retail salespeople in a non-traditional way.